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This Page is all about the Arts done using MSeal / Shilpkar / Polymer Clay

I started making Shilpkar Painting around 3 years back and every art i make its a learning

Initially i used to use White Industrial MSeal  but they are really hard and was very difficult to remove the dried mseal from the hands . I had to really scrub my hands off to remove the dried Mseal.

Then a friend suggested  Shilpkar Clay , its softer, easily mountable & can be easily washed off your hands

I have tried to mention the methods which i use to create these paintings using Shilpkar ..Hope you like it

Video Link

Also below are the links for the Shilpkar Art which i have made ..

Steps for Sample of
1) Identify the Image/Painting which you want to do
2) How big you want the painting to be
Use a thin Plywood or a hard cardboard which can be framed . The rough texture of the Ply wood helps for the shilpkar / mseal to stick easily
Once you have the ply wood ready as per your dimensions
3) Make a frame for the Plywood . Select the frame to match the painting
for eg if the panting is a Big painting then selecting a thin frame will not look good
similarly vice verse
4) Once the Frame is attached to the Plywood we will proceed with applying the shilpkar on it


5) Take the Shipkar clay One part White and other Part Grey . And mix it. Ensure they both are equal proportion

Mix it till it the mixture turns white



6) take little part of the clay and apply on the wood

7) Go on Applying it on the wood till you have completed the entire place

8) you can add different texture to the clay .. u can use comb , threads , cloth ..


Texture with Comb


NOTE : you can experiment with the texture till the Clay hardens

I usually add little water to the texture and make it smooth then press the objects which i want the texture of .
9) Once its dried properly .. draw the painting on the Shilpkar board with pencil . here i have just displayed using Marker pen .. but please use Pencil

10) Apply the MSeal on the painting to make it 3D , you can use clay tools or toothpicks to give the fine shape


The Sample Before the actual Painting ” Off to Market ”



11) Color the Painting using Acrylic Paint . Leave it to dry
12)We have a 3D Shilpkar embossed Painting Ready

Click below to View More of My Art

Castle on Snow Mountain
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Off to Market
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