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Hi ,

I am Santosh Nair from Mumbai , a Software Techie by profession and working in a Multinational IT Company,
Art is not simply defined by the finished product, but by the process one pours into the very act of creating.

Arts have always fascinated me since my early age. As a young child, I had to be drawing, painting, sculpting, or building something. Anything that I could call my own; my stamp, my signature, my creation. To step back and say, I did that. It is an explosion of self expression .
Even working in the commercial arena, I have never ceased to view myself as an artist. To position myself any other way would be absurd. I believe it is this uncompromising passion to create .

I have always been keen to explore different mediums and mechanism to enhance my creative inspiration to express my artistic self.

My interests are Wood Art, Clay & Shilpkar Painting, 3D Painting Toothpick Art, Carving, Assorted Art and many more.

Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.


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